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ZhengZhou Vos Machinery Equipment Co.,LTD offers a whole range of machinery for modern mushroom growing including: wood crusher/straw crusher/mixer machine/bag filling machine/bottling machine/tying machine/inoculating machine/sterilizing equipment, etc.

This machinery is designed to match the highest expectations of users by reducing the process time and improving labor efficiency.Especially the mechanical filling systems for mushroom substrates also lead to better harvests and larger profits for mushroom farms.

ZhengZhou Vos Machinery Equipment Co.,LTD.your best partner and friends.Welcome to our factory!

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Mushroom cultivation is a successful example of agro-waste recycling. The most extensively used agro-waste for production of edible mushroom are wheat or rice straw, sawdust or wood chip, sugarcane bagasse, cotton waste and cotton seed hull, corn cob, rice or wheat bran, chicken or...

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