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Manufacturer of Fungus Growing Production Line Advice on Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

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Manufacturer of fungus growing production line advise user to to prepare good culture media for growing oyster mushroom:

Corn cob and Tofukasu is widely used as culture media for oyster mushroom cultivation, because they have rich crude protein, crude fat and amino acids and other nutrients.

It can produce 50-75 kg of fresh mushroom per square meters, with bio power up to 150% -200%.

bringing considerable economic benefits.

1.Material ratio:

Crushed corn cob: 100kg, wet Tofukasu:80kg, lime:6kg

2.Add water to lime and mix it with tofukasu and corn cob, making the culture media water content as 65%

Use PVC  plastic bag of size50x25x0.05cm to fill the material.

Please compress the material during filling.(each bag weight should be 1.25kg)

Tie the bag tightly.

3.Sterilize under atmospheric pressure: keep it in temperature 100℃ for 8-10hours. Keep braising for another 8-10 hours after stopping fire.

Make inoculation when temperature drop to 30℃. It need to be disinfected 2 times before inoculation. Firstly the material bag should be fumigated by mineral chameleon and formaldehyde(1:3) before entering inoculation room, then it should be disinfected with fog disinfection box in inoculation room.

4.Infectious microbe Prevention

during spawn running period, if you find the infectious microbe, please inject into 95% alcohol(or 5% formaldehyde or carbolic acid), making sure its permeating depth of the area

is over bacterial growth area.

If the bacterial area is too large and can not precented by pharmaceuticals, please pick it out from bag.

5.Keep Ventilation for one hour each day. When temperature is above 15℃,

Please ventilate at night and when temperature is below 10℃, please ventilate at noon.

And spray water into the air to make indoor humidity at 95%.

It takes about 7-10 day from sporophore growing to mushroom collecting.

Any more question about edible mushroom planting production line, please feel free to contact us.

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