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Mushroom Growing Machine Manufacturer-prevent pest invasion

Addtime:2014-7-31 15:25:09   Author:manufacturer   visited:1857

It is important to prevent pest,bug and worms during growing mushroom,

manufacturer of mushroom growing machine tell you following methods to prevent pest invasion:

1.The mushroom awning should be far way from village, stables toilet, garbage dump, dunghill,etc, to

keep the fruiting environment away from Worm eggs or worms.

2.Raw material should be exoposd to strong sunlight.

3.Raw material with worm or worm eggs should be fermentated, or sterilized before inoculation.

4.Install bug proof net and spread lime isolation belt at vents, entrance and exit in case the

bug entering into mushroom awning.

If you have any question about mushroom cultivation and mushroom growing machine, please feel free to tell us. We are glad to help.