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Mushroom Growing Machine-Waste Material to Feed Pig

Addtime:2014-8-13 16:05:57   Author:manufacturer   visited:1238

Today mushroom growing machine manufacturer will tell you a great idea to reuse

the waste mushroom material:to feed pig.

You can crush the waste material first then mix it with other feed material, or

mix with other material directly.

The mushroom growing material should be kept in a cool and dry place in case of mildew.

Mushroom is with high cellulose decomposition ability, and the waste mushroom bag material

has a 50% reduction of crude fiber and 30% reduction of lignin, while with a 5% increase

of crude protein, and the fat content double at same time, which can imporove pigs

resistance to disease and digestion of nutrients.

By adding 1/3 such waste material, the pig weight can increase 780g per day, which is

50% higher than using other feed material. And the lean meat percentage of pig is 5% higher

than pigs fed with corn.

Mushroom growing machine supplier is glad to communicate with you about different aspects

on fungus cultivation and equipment for growing fungi.