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Mushroom Bag Seperating Machine
The mushroom bag seperating machine (also called mushroom bag crusher, mushroom bag stripping machine) is used for separating the mushroom plastic bag from the stuffings.
Sterilization Boiler for Mushroom Cultivation
The sterilization boiler for mushroom cultivation is widely used in mushroom material bag sterilization, mushroom fumigation, strains material sterilization fumigation, etc.
Mushroom Compost Turner
The mushroom compost turner is suitable mixing loose raw material for fungus cultivation. It needs only one person to operate and can mix material at fast speed, time saving and labor saving.
Fungi Culture Material Stirring Machine
The fungi culture material stirring machine adopts arc slot banker and double bracket structure. After adding material to machine, user can add water spray and mix well.
Mushroom Culture Material Mixer
This mushroom culture material mixer adopts spiral ribbon structure and water spray mist device. It can add water when mixing, and discharge mixed material after opening outlet plate.
Mushroom Planting Straw Crusher
Zhengzhou Vos Machinery straw crusher is suitable for crushing cotton stalk, bean straw, wheat straw for planting mushroom fungus.Please call 0086-15736766202
Wood Crusher for Mushroom Cultivation
Zhengzhou Vos Machinery wood crusher can crush fruit tree branch and agricultural straw to prepare mushroom cultivation material. Tel 0086-15736766202
Fungus Growing Bag Filling Machine
Fungus growing bag filling machine is suitable for large scale fungus cultivation. Fungus bag filling machine adopts forced feeding and rotary press structure, suitable for production of shii-take tremella.
Edible Fungus Sack Filler
The edible fungus sack filler is simple and time saving, with small size, high efficiency, low energy consumption, which ismost popular with mushroom production industry and professional individual household.
Ramp Mushroom Fungus Inoculation Machine
Zhengzhou Vos Machinery offer best quality edible mushroom planting production line,edible fungus sack filler,fungus inoculation machine,tel 0086-15736766202